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Character Creation 

Roll 4d6, disregard the lowest (no rerolling 1's or such).  Assign the results as ability scores in the order you rolled them in (Str, Dex, etc.).  Then, you may reroll any one ability score and swap any two ability scores.  

 I prefer that the standard races be chosen, though we can talk about others.

I would also like to use only Pathfinder classes and such, but we can add 3.5 WotC stuff as we go along.   


There is a 'Player's Guide' made available from Paizo; it details how races and classes are seen in the region, among some other useful game background.  

Player's Guide.


You may choose two traits: one must be from the list on page 11 of the AP's Player's Guide, and the other can be from the Advanced Player's Guide .  The trait has to be something plausible to your character.  

Carrion Crown AP